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Company NameHI-partners Inc.
Address 3F Aunukite Bldg, 1-2-3, Ukita, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0021 JAPAN
Phone Number+81-6-6131-9768
Fax Number+81-6-6131-9762
PresidentHiroshi Tsujimura
MemberOsaka Chamber of Commerce Member
Kansai Asian Association

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PlanningProviding planning based on administrative policy, employee feedback, current needs and survey results.
Corporate and visual identity development
Graphic designProviding an interface between the source side and the receiving side for high-quality visual expression.
Advertising design: posters, leaflets, magazines, newspaper, other media
Corporate guides, brochures, concept guides, catalog design
Symbol and logo design
Sales promotion tool design including direct mailers and leaflets
Webpage design.
Interface design
Providing design to show and see the information and interface between people and electronics.
Website planning and design
GUI and interface design
Improving the utility of information consumer electronics and other information devices
Multilingual servicesAssisting with design, translation and communication in many languages.
Multilingual design and production

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